Publick House
Restaurant & Bar

SINCE 2008

The Publick House was opened in 2008. The restaurant saw a complete transformation from it’s former condition. The Owner, Dana Collins, renovated the entire space from floor to ceiling, front to back. She introduced elements of rustic, old world charm seen in beautiful woodwork, while bringing in a modern flair that could be appreciated. The space was historically known as Cady’s Bar, owned by fire Chief Mike Cady and family. After it’s transformation, crowds came in to see the new feel of their old stomping grounds. As a result, old customers have returned, and new customers have become fond of what is now known as the best bar in the Pleasant Valley area.


The staff at the Publick House are friendly, courteous and welcoming. Our staff consists of servers and bartenders who have plenty of experience, and our Chefs have advanced education in the art of cooking. Our kitchen takes pride in putting the finest in American cuisine on the plates of our customers, always using the freshest ingredients.

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